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In this technical blog, we will briefly let Hotmail customers know about the process to change Hotmail password. Generally, Hotmail users opt to change password when he/she forgot Hotmail password or found out their account compromised. Here, we made an attempt to endow the best manual way to change password associated with the Hotmail account. If users need nimble & optimum level support by professionals – contact the Hotmail Support team. Or on the other hand, follow our steps to change password over the smart mobile phone.

Steps to Reset Hotmail Password

Checkout the steps to change password of the hotmail account as given below: -

1. In the smart phone, open the outlook by tapping on the “Outlook” icon.
hotmail support
2. Tap on the “Get Started” icon. Ignore this step if users already log in the account before.
hotmail support number
3. Enter the “Email Address” registered with account.
contact hotmail support
4. Tap on the “Add Google Account” icon under the email address field.
hotmail customer service
5. The above steps will redirect user to page to “Enter Password”. Under the field to type password, click on the “Forgotten my password” link for Hotmail Password Reset.
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6. Check the radio button before “I’ve forgotten my password” dialogue.
7. hotmail support phone number
8. Later, click on the “Next” icon.
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9. Type the verification code on screen in the given text field.
• If user want to change or reset verification code, tap on the “New” icon.
hotmail password reset
10. Afterward, tap on the “Next” icon under the ‘Text’ field.
reset hotmail password
11. Click on the radio button next to the “Email Address” option associated to user’s account.
12. Enter an account recovery email address or phone number to verify the identity.
forgot hotmail password
13. At the lower-right page, click on the “Send Code” icon. By doing this, user will receive a recovery code on the email address or phone number.
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14. Get the recovery code by accessing the email from the “Microsoft account team”. Now, copy or note the “Security code”. Or the user will receive the recovery code on the registered phone number in text message form.
forget Hotmail Password
15. Enter the verification code and tap on the “Next” tab.
16. Type in the “New Password” & then, “Re-enter Password” you wanted to set as fresh password for account. Later, tap on the “Next” tab.
Reset Hotmail Password
17. Finally, hotmail account user is all set to use the account.

Hotmail users can also contact the Hotmail Support team for seamless assistance. We recommend hotmail customers/clients to connect with the passionate team of certified hotmail technicians & experts to resolve hotmail issues immediately.