How to fix common Outlook Mail Issues?

Outlook mail service is also known as the most widely used mailing service for business purpose as it’s a server based. It indirectly also means that all the information shared or receive over Outlook are 100% secure. However, just like all other mailing system Outlook too prone to a few error codes & tech glitches. In this blog post, we are going to let Outlook users know how they can avoid Outlook Mail Issues. Global users of Outlook service can also contact to their in-house certified experts for consultation at support team.

Outlook Mail Issues

List of Outlook Mail Problems

Here is some of the trouble that often occurs in the Outlook account: -

  1. While accessing the Outlook, prolong “Processing” message frustrate users.
  2. Problem in Outlook installation on Windows 10.
  3. Unable to delete Outlook account.


Check out the potentials manual steps to troubleshoot the Outlook tech hassles: -

  • Process to fix Processing’ notification in Outlook

Occasionally, the Outlook mail stuck while trying to get open and start & shows notification as “Processing”. For instant help, Outlook customers/clients can reach the Outlook Support team at Outlook Support Phone Number. At such an instance, Outlook customer should manually turn-off the application and run in under the safe mode to resolve this issue with the following steps: -

  • Open the ‘Run’ command box by pressing the “Windows+R” key together.
  • In the ‘Run’ box, type in the command “outlook.exe /safe”. Later, press the “Enter” tab to run Outlook in the safe mode.
  • Hit onto the “OK” button.
outlook customer service number
  • Finally, close the Outlook email account in the safe mode.
outlook helpline number

Once you are sure that everything has appropriately completed...! Launch the Outlook application normally again and observe if it doesn’t stuck.

  • Delete Profile from Outlook

Here are some of the steps to delete the old damaged profile: -

  • Open/access the system “Control Panel” tab.
  • Hit onto the “User Accounts” tab.
  • Hit on the “Mail” icon.
support phone number
  • Hit the “Show Profiles” icon.
outlook customer helpline
  • Choose the old profile.
  • Hit onto the “Remove” icon.
reset outlook password
  • Hit on the “Yes” icon to confirm the deletion.
  • viii.    Select the “Radio” button next to the dialogue “Always use this profile”.
  • Hit the “Apply” icon and later, “OK” icon.

Use the above-shown manual troubleshooting steps to resolve the Outlook Mail Problem instantly. In case, you need professional & expert assistance – dial the Outlook Support Phone Number now.