How to Reset MSN Password?

In the year 1995, Microsoft launched an internet service web portal that contains numerous Windows application known as MSN. Now, MSN comes with a lucrative design and features to keep its customer up-to-date about news, weather, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc. At times, MSN customer forgot MSN password..! With this informative blog, we are trying our level best so that MSN customers/clients can manually Reset MSN Password seamlessly. MSN customers can also get in touch with the MSN certified technicians at


Follow the steps mention below to MSN password modification (If remember MSN password): -

Step1: Go to the MSN sign-in page.

Step2: Use your current MSN account credentials like username, email address, & password to log in.

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Step3: Navigate to the MSN account setup page and find the username on display. Later, click on it. The username is usually seen of different location depending upon the logged in service:

  • In the MSN account page, scroll down halfway where at the screen right-hand side - you will notice the Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter icon. Hit onto the “Messenger” tab and then, click on “Hi, <your name>”.
  • Whenever you open the Photos, Hotmail, Windows Live, and office homepage – you will see your name at the upper right corner of the display. Hit onto it to open the account settings.
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Step4: Go to the “Account Information” page, click on the “Change MSN Password” link.

Step5: Type in the current password in the given field. Don’t forget; it is case-sensitive.

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Step6: Type in a new desired MSN case-sensitive password with at least 6 characters.

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Step7: In the “Re-enter Password” field, type in the new password again.

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Step8: Check the box next to the dialogue “Make me change my password every 72 days”. This will automatically change the password after 72 days.

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Step9: To store modification in the password, click on the “Save” icon.

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We hope that above-shown steps would be helpful for you to Reset MSN Password …! If the problem persists even after utilizing solution prescribed – we suggest MSN customers/clients to contact the MSN 800 Number now.